God is alive

Nietzsche proclaimed that God is dead. Due to the Enlightenment, to the march of Reason, it was thought that the population at large no longer had faith in a Deity. Science showed us where to strike and we drove the stake into the heart of Religion.

In part, this is true. My own generation, for the most part, are not even God Acknowledging yet alone God Fearing People. But in other ways, this is not true. Consider this from Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic:

“ ‘We don’t have gods where I come from,’ said Twoflower.
‘You do, you know,’ said the Lady. ‘Everyone has gods. You just don’t think they’re gods.’ “

Perhaps God didn’t die? Perhaps he or she just changed the nature of their manifestation? Our Gods may not be linked to Christianity, to Judaism, or to any other religion, but they could come to us through other routes. For some Progress could be a God. So could the Ideal Self. The Powerful could be a God, as could the Famous, or The Community, or the Corporation, or the Nomad.

A God is defined not by its aesthetic form, but by the ways in which we show devotion and faith and the sacrifices we make. So what do we devote ourselves to? What do we have an unshakeable faith in? What great sacrifices are we willing to make and for what purpose? Answer these questions and your God will reveal itself.