Time, in war and in peace

A convergence is lurking on the horizon. For example:

– I’m immersed in Brexit, so I’ve done some digging around Dominic Cummings. This led me to a text on accelerationism and connected concepts.
– I’m following Venkatesh’s Rao expansion on the theme of “multitemporality” via Twitter and Ribbonfarm.
– I’ve been coming back to mindfulness and the idea(s) I elaborated on in Lord of the gap.
– I’ve been reading Smart Spacetime and Fighting by Minutes.
– I recently lost my childhood canine friend and during the event I noticed lived experience twisting and morphing in ways I hadn’t yet experienced.

The convergence concerns time. And while I was at BJJ this morning–itself one of the purest renditions of 1-to-1 adversarial temporal conflict–I had another thought…

In my Twitter bio I have the words, “Timelord-in-training”. Originally, the concept of a “timelord” was personal, confined to mindfulness and the quest to become Lord of the gap. But while my instructor was explaining a concept-drill pair I drifted off: I realised that the concept of a “timelord” had expanded. A moment later I wondered, “In what direction?” Answer in this 2×2:

time in war and peace

“War” and “peace” are self-evident. “Inner game” refers to the ability to interface with oneself. “Outer game” refers to one’s ability to interface with the world. The quadrants are bare because I’m not really sure what goes into them.

In Fighting by Minutes Leonhard talks of how time should be managed at four levels: strategic, operational, tactical and technical. Think, General Staff > Theatre of War > Battles / Local Conflict > Combatant Gear / Tech. Does time translate into all of those levels, or only one? Can a specific tool change one’s experience of time during war and peace? Is what is referred to as a post-truth world just a multi-temporal one? How can one utilise time to navigate success and to deal with failure? How does speeding it up, slowing it down or escaping it entirely serve an individual? What about a collective? Can it even be escaped: are we shackled to time as a consequence of existence and can we liberate ourselves? Should we even try?

These are all questions I don’t really have an answer to. Do you?