Play of the decade

My biggest play of the last decade wasn’t implementing a productivity system. It wasn’t beginning to write. It wasn’t having countless different jobs or visiting special places. It wasn’t messing around with meditation and movement and nutrition. It wasn’t the rise and fall of certain friendships. It wasn’t fucking up spectacularly again and again and again.

My biggest play was spending almost three quarters of the decade in a relationship with someone I love. I’ve underestimated the impact of that fact upon my life, and I probably underestimate the impact it has on the life of others too. Don’t be me. Don’t do that. It’s not a good idea.

I intend to enter the new decade with the intent to recognise and take care of that relationship. To protect it. To work on its weaknesses. To nourish its strengths. It’s not a world-shaking approach. The returns will not be as tangible as building a successful company, nor as noticeable as an exponential increase in public renown. But I’m betting it will do more than anything else to encourage a growth in joy and a decrease in pain and suffering in my life.