10,351 DSB

Venkatesh Rao intro’d blogchains and many people (including Warren Ellis and Tom Crichtlow) jumped onboard. In a recent development, he introduced his Captain’s Log and now I am the one claiming asylum.

I’ve been meaning to blog more and find an accessible way to regroove the habit. After reading MJD 58,851, I decided imitating Venkat and starting a “themeless, nameless blogchain” would be a good start.

With regards to naming conventions: I’ve gone for days since birth. Nice and easy. In terms of production, I’ve set up a text file (called “log”) which automatically datestamps when I open it up. This is where I’ll be drafting entries. Each published entry will go under a new section on the site.

That’s all for now. This is merely a proclamation of intent. The next entry will get this thing rolling.