Cull and craft

Hurrah! My Elements & Components of Product Management project is past the initial stage. I’ve collated five-hundred-odd ideas from the disciplines of business analysis, UI/UX design, software development, project management and interfacing/integration. Now I have to cull eighty percent of them and create a shortlist, leaving me with roughly twenty per discipline.

The end goal is to have a selection of powerful ideas that can be used as long levers by a product manager. Before I get there, however, I have to figure out the method and criteria for selection.

As well as this, I’ve just begun exploring the tool-stack (my profile is here: I want to modify one of the existing information/opinion spread models to reflect something like this:

Why? Although I have an interest in tech, I’ve never actually built something before. Fooling around with agent-based modelling not only aligns with my tendency to start hard and ratchet down in difficulty (instead of the more reasonable reverse approach), it is also something I’m actually interested in. The going, of course, will be slow–I’m no coder. But didn’t someone once say, “slow is fast, fast is smooth”?