The labyrinth challenge

I’m writing a novella intermittently and the most recent drafting session raised a challenge. I need to create a labyrinth with two constraints.

  1. The labyrinth contains three destinations: A, B and C. Continuous lefts at four-point intersections lead to A; continuous straight-aheads lead to B; continuous rights lead to C.
  2. Choosing different directions at four-point intersections avoids A, B and C and keeps one within the confines of the labyrinth.

In the novella, this labyrinth is set within the bend of a river. A visual representation (obviously wrong and not to scale):

I’m only half-concerned that such a structure is conceptually possible (author = God, after all) but I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone:

a) knows of similar structures that exist and/or
b) knows how to begin creating one.

If it turns out that it’s possible to create a labyrinth like this, I may look into producing a map of some sorts as an AMP (adjacent mini-project) to accompany the novella when it is eventually done.