Novella beta readers apply here

I’ve completed the draft of a new novella. Now, I’m rapidly editing it. After this—perhaps by the end of this weekend, at worst by the end of next weekend—the revised draft is going out to a handful of beta readers, most of whom were involved early on in the production of my novel, Barker. I’m also looking for two or three more beta readers: want to be one of them?

Here’s the premise:

  • A man goes into the woods

That’s all I’m inclined to say right now, publicly at least.

Here’s what being a beta reader actually involves:

  • Receiving a draft copy in Google Doc format (~20k words, an hour or so to read)
  • Providing feedback (not line/copy edits) in a separate format or via comments in-doc
  • Returning the above feedback in under a week
  • Receiving a free dead-tree copy of the text (definitely inscribed, possibly a special edition)
  • Having my eternal gratitude

If you are interested, get a message to me somehow—an email is preferred. It’d also be cool if you could introduce yourself somehow (assuming I don’t already know ya) but that’s an optional requirement. If you’re unfamiliar with my fiction, I suggest checking out Ss, which is a collection of short stories. This too is optional.

Ultimately, what I’m looking for is someone that is both willing to read something new and happy to provide some insight into the effect that new thing has on them. Up for it?