Disconnected: Ideas and Provocations

Moving towards mastery. Deciding what you want and discovering how to get it. Confronting human problems like anger, dissatisfaction and anxiety. These are the things that Matthew Sweet has been writing about, every day, since 27th August 2015. And here, collected for the first time, are some of his most impactful and insightful posts. Highlights include:

  • Why you should do the work and let others take the credit (page 36)
  • What ejaculation and lifebelts teach us about conquering adversity (page 43)
  • Musketeers and elves on the dangers of advice (page 115)
  • The difference between planning and preparation (page 129)
  • What strong filters are and why they’re critical to your success and sanity (page 176)
  • What villains know but heroes can only sense (page 217)
  • How to survive when nobody is watching over you (page 244)

In DISCONNECTED, Matthew Sweet shares a curated selection of ideas designed to prod and provoke you into thinking deeper and becoming a better person. If you seek either of those things, DISCONNECTED is the book for you.

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  • Published August 2016