Note: the below services are discontinued.

Alongside my own short- and longform writing projects, I provide bespoke editorial services to technical practitioners.

“Technical practitioners” are individuals and organisations that possess high competence in specific domains, as well as a strong bias for action. Thus, they have little time to navigate the labyrinthian craft of writing. The services provided equate to one (or more) of the following:

  • Consulting: An ongoing dialogue that, first, considers the suitability of writing as a medium, and second, explores the effectiveness and execution of different forms.
  • Translation: An alchemical process that begins with in-depth interviews and results in high-grade prose.
  • Sparring: Collaborative teardown of early concepts, outlines and drafts. Alternatively called “macro-editing”.
  • Tune Ups: Systematic, rigorous, line-by-line analysis of late-stage drafts. Alternatively called “micro-editing”.
  • Daemon-ing: An end-to-end service. I act as a companion for whole writing projects.

The precise cocktail of service and support provided is unique to each individual or organisation, but common to each arrangement is the agile and intimate service I provide.

Also of note: Most of my experience doing the above has been in two disparate domains–health/fitness and hardware/software security–but I am adept at bootstrapping my way to conversational fluency in new disciplines when required.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or want to arrange an informal discussion regarding the above, please contact me via email: matt@swellandcut.com.