Want to be in a novel?

As you may or may not know, I’m writing a novel. Said novel involves the creation of an alternative educational institution. At this institution, as well as the core curriculum, there’s a constant rotation of “series” and “singles”. “Series” are lectures or workshops on a specific topic that span five or six sessions. “Singles” are, as the name indicates, one-off talks or events that give a broad overview of a domain or theme, or constitute a deep dive into a specific topic or concept.

I’m familiar with the importance of the world a story takes place in, so while I’m not writing sci-fi or fantasy I do want to take a rigorous approach to constructing my alt-ed institute. Which is where you (might) come in…

As it stands, I require 24 “Series” and 66 “Singles” for a full year at my AEI and the aim is for these talks/events/workshops to cover a wide array of territory. They can be serious or light, wildly expansive or excruciatingly focused. They can cover the practical, the sacred, the absurd, or anything in between. I’m more than happy to fill in the blanks by myself, but I thought it would be fun to see what others come up with. Right now I have the following:

– Travel: From Bipedal Motion to Space Travel
– The Assumptions of Modernity: A Workshop
– What We Got Wrong: Unknowledge Through Time

– Creature Building: Applied Systems
– Impossible Futures: Falsifying the Trajectory of Earth and its Species
– Constructing a Language
– A History of Insults
– Reading the Mind, Via the Brain
– Funny Guy: The Art of Joke-Making
– Information Preservation: When Storage Meets Entropy
– Animate Objects: Giving Life to the Lifeless
– Saving a Life: Case Studies
– How to Get Rich Selling Drugs
– When Noise Becomes Sound: Learning to Sing

Including the above, there’s room for 21 “Series” and 55 “Singles”. So, fill out the form below and let me know what ya got. (If there’s enough submissions I’ll probably do a vote to pick the finalists.)