This is a collection of my projects and experiments. Some are big and some are small. Some are finished and some have been abandoned. Some have been paused, and some are in a state of perpetual becoming. But what they all have in common is that, at one time or another, I considered them worthy of a significant portion of my time and energy.

Note: core activities like reading and practising Brazilian jiu-jitsu are omitted.


– A daily blog about mastery, strategy and practical philosophy (formerly known as “Phronetic”).
– Providing bespoke editorial services to technical practitioners. (More info.)
– The Commons, Version 2: .txt Archive.


– Unannounced book project. Currently in the research phase.


– Disconnected: Ideas & Provocations
– The Commons, Version 1: The 4×6 Notecard System
– The Classics: The Original Twenty-Five
– Interviews

(Last updated 08/06/18)