Published Elsewhere

I’ve had some work published on other sites. Mostly, it is pieces that have been re-purposed. Pieces not contained here, or ones that have been edited in a minor way are indicated with a *.

– Six for Yak Talk, the Yak Collective’s newsletter: Why Study Complexity? / The Democratization of Simulation / Chasing Tails, Part One / Targeting Trust / Emergent Infrastructure / The Objective of the Innards
– Twenty-one on The Good Men Project (links to author page).
– Nine on Thought Catalog (links to author page).
– Five on (onetwothreefour and five).
– One on *Decades from Now, You’ll Thank Yourself for Having Read These Books
– One on Spiraling Up: Where There’s a Routine, There’s a Weak Point
​– One for LDN Fitness: *The Valley – Exploring the Journey to Physical Collapse
–  Two for Ribbonfarm: *Zorba, Spock or Voldemort? and *Near-Deathness
– One for Huffington Post: Making Time for What’s Important Requires a Major Mental Shift

I also have some pieces on my Medium account which were remnants from a previous blog. There’s eleven of these in total.

The Muggle’s Alternative to a Pensieve
Girlfriends, Books and Libraries
11 Books to Help You Crack the Learning Process
What Successful Seduction Requires
Lessons in Rejection
Kick Ass Teams
Closer Than You Think
The Nine Essential Traits of a Hell Raiser
A Brief Q&A with Greatness
Speed vs Velocity
A Forgotten Approach – Be Really Fucking Good