Two things that are critical to your sanity and success

​“Busy” is for people who are too weak to say no. For people who are unable to prioritise and unwilling to set boundaries.

“Busy” is an excuse. A cop-out. A worthless badge of honour worn by people out to impress everyone else. It’s a way of avoiding commitment by being over-committed. It poisons relationships and helps you to avoid the problems that really need your attention

“Busy” is not something to be sought or desired. It’s something to be protected against, something to be diagnosed and cured. It’s an illness. An alluring disease that robs us of our energy, happiness and impact.

“Busy” is a mechanism used by those too scared to have any time alone with themselves. It’s an unworthy substitute for stillness, quiet and reflection.

The presence of “busy” means that something is wrong. When it worms it’s way into your life, pause. Slow down and eliminate it. Why? Because to have an impact, you have to be at your best. But “busy” leaves you no room for clear perception, gives you no space for thoughtful action.

And these are the two things that are most critical to your sanity and success.