How to achieve your desired outcome

​You don’t “schedule” personal growth. You can’t whip out a calendar and plot down the milestones months in advance.

Think of a business. They have targets and goals. They want to reach a certain amount of revenue or units sold. They set a date based on their previous performance and their projected development.

But selecting a date doesn’t make them more likely to achieve a target. You know what does? Behaviours.

For company X to hit one million in revenue in six months time, they might need one new customer a day. The important thing is not “one million” or “six months time”. It’s “one new customer a day”.

That’s how you need to think.

If you want to get better at a skill, the aim isn’t, “be able to do this”. It’s “practice the skill everyday.”

If you want to get smarter and learn, don’t queue up the books you’re going to read. It’s pointless. What if you have a new problem to solve? What if your priorities change? What if you want to dive deeper into a concept or idea or person’s work? What if you feel you can spend less time on something?

Instead, read books that challenge you for a couple of hours every day.

Think about your ambitions, your aim, your grand strategy, about where you want to be, and then reduce it into separate components. Take the desired outcome and convert it into a process.

That’s the secret of growth: Figure out what the most important behaviour is, and do it every day.