The best time to cut your toe nails

The best time to do it is after a long, hot bath. Your toe nails are soft. When you cut them, they don’t ping away from you.

The best time to moisturise is right after you’ve washed your face with warm water.

The best time to take on some protein is towards the end of your workout.

The best time to search for a new job or negotiate a new contract is immediately after a successful project.

The best time to do creative work is in the morning, two to five hours after you wake up.

The best time to go to sleep is a few hours before midnight.

There’s a best time to launch a new product or service. There’s a best time to begin developing relationships with people you’ve recently met. There’s a best time to announce that you’re leaving. 

For most behaviours, there’s a perfect window in which it’s impact is multiplied

Yes, you could do all these things at any time, and still get the required effect. But you get a better effect if you do them during the window. If you can do them at just the right time, you get a better result with no significant change in effort.

Finding the window doesn’t matter that much if you’re just cutting your toenails. But for the behaviour that your career, happiness, or wellbeing depends upon? 

I suggest you discover it’s window, and act within it.​