Short term loss, long term gain

​One thing that people who achieve more than the average are willing to do:

They’ll suffer a short term loss to attain a long term win. And I’m not measuring the short term in days. It’s not enough to give up today for tomorrow. I’m speaking of weeks. Of months. Of years. They’re willing to give up the next five years to win in ten.

How much are you willing to sacrifice? Will you take a 50% pay cut for because it allows you to develop valuable skills and assume a greater level of responsibility? Will you endure the scorn and criticism of your closest friends and family to move closer to your ambition? Will you fore-go comfort, security and certainty so you can learn to thrive amongst disorder and chaos? Are you willing to miss out on the parties, the dinners and the celebrations? Will you persist when you are tired, unsure, angry, upset and unmotivated?

How much are you prepared to give up to get what you want?