You have the chance…

​You have the chance… 

…. to build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

… to surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you.

… to learn from the greatest at minimal cost.

… to immerse yourself in the study of things that fascinate you.

… to create and produce, without needing someone else’s permission.

… to use the abundance of tools and resources to create value for other people.

Is that not enough for you? Well, there’s more. You have the chance…

… to live wherever you want.

… to be whoever you want.

… to spend your time doing important work.

… to leverage your attention and energy to maximum effect.

… to do more than anyone expects of you.

… to be more than you expected of yourself.

… to do things that defy what we previously thought was possible.

There are people who would do anything to be in your position. To have the chance that you have. Do you understand that? Do you appreciate that? Are you willing to seize this opportunity, or are you going to squander it? Will you take the challenge? Or will you shrink away from it?

Choose quickly. For time is short and waits for no one.