Please, don’t stop

Don’t stop. Keep going. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Life is one great lagging indicator. You won’t see the results of yesterday’s actions until tomorrow. So keep striving. Even when it looks like nothing is happening. Even when it looks like nothing is working. Chances are, it is, you just can’t see it yet.

Take note. “Don’t stop” is not the same as “don’t quit.”

Stopping is the termination of all effort. Quitting is the stopping of all effort down a particular avenue.

We stop when we settle for a life we don’t want. We stop when we submit to a relationship that suppresses who we are. We stop when we choose to learn nothing more, to ask no more questions, to be uninterested in what we don’t know.

We should quit. Not when something is hard or unfamiliar. That’s known as cowardice. But when it doesn’t align with our ideals and aspirations. When this particular option is a less effective use of our time and energy than another option. In those situations, we should say enough is enough and change direction.

But under no circumstances should we stop, should we surrender power over our lives. Yes, quit when necessary. But please, don’t stop. Not now. Not ever