A wisher and a whiner

I want to have a remote business that allows me to focus on reading and writing. But am I coming up with ideas every day? Am I running tests and trying to validate the ideas that seem legit? 

I want to meet interesting people doing incredible things. But am I putting myself in the places where these people congregate? And if I did have the chance to meet them, why should they care? What do I have to offer them?

I want to be stronger and have more energy? That’s nice. But what am I doing about it? Am I handling my sleep? Am I eating well? Am I assessing the gaps in my physical capacities and plugging them via my training?

I want to have serenity of mind. An admirable ambition right? But am I practicing gratitude? Am I trying to bring mindfulness into every area of my life? Am I relaxing and allowing myself to play? Do I have mechanisms in place to manage commitments, obligations, responsibilities and stress?

Here’s a hard truth. The world doesn’t care what we want. Only what we do. It’s only concern is for the actions we take. The opportunities we flush out and seize upon. The ideas and principles we manifest from our minds into reality.

So don’t be a double-W. A wisher and a whiner. Someone who expresses how much they want something and, simultaneously, complains about not possessing it. That approach never works because desire is not a substitute for action.

Our wants and desires don’t buy a thing. They don’t get us anywhere or bring us anything. The only universal currency is action. Think about it. We all speak a different language. But everyone understands someone who’s acting on their desire to change themselves and the world.