The freefall

Our life begins when we pop out from between our mother’s legs. From that point on, it’s a freefall. 

It’s like we’ve been tossed out of the back of a plane at ten thousand feet. From the moment we’re brought into the world, we’re plummeting to our death.

Some people take the fall like veteran skydivers. Whilst falling, they’re serene. They twist and turn and revel in the few minutes of freedom they have. They glide through the air with a smile and open eyes, taking in the horizon and the beauty of the world they’re falling through. 

Others do the opposite. From the moment they’re out of the plane, they panic. They scream and shriek, unable to think of anything except the fact that they’re accelerating towards the ground. They tumble, they spin, and amongst the panic, they forget to pull their parachute. 

Regardless of whether you fall with composure and grace, or fear and panic, we all share the same fate. We’re all going to hit the ground. But some of us will hit it harder than others.