Lines not dots

I switched tunes. Literally. I went from new Craig David to old Craig David. From listening to the new “Ain’t Giving Up,” to the older “Rise and Fall.”

The first line of “Rise and Fall”?

“Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over
And it seems as though the writing’s on the wall”

The Stoic in me responded: “The fight is never over. If you’re still alive, the battle can continue.”

That’s why it’s okay to retreat, to back down. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to change your mind, to admit your mistakes, to take responsibility for all of your words and deeds, no matter how damaging. That’s why it’s okay to acknowledge that, maybe, today, you just can’t win. Because, with most things in life, survival is a prerequisite to victory. And if victory doesn’t come today, or tomorrow, or next year, it might come after. But you only find that out if you live that long.

That’s the key to winning. To think in lines, not dots. To keep the totality of time, rather than the intensity of the moment, in the centre of your vision.