Beginning tomorrow

Publishing every day has it’s upsides. It gets me used to shipping on a regular basis. It forces me to have ideas I otherwise wouldn’t have had. It compels me to look differently at the world, to continue learning and exploring and wondering, because if I don’t I’ll have nothing to put out. 

But it has it’s downsides too, the biggest of which is the side of the frequency-depth tradeoff it occupies. See, the main advantage of publishing less frequently—once a week, twice a month etc.—is the ability to go deep. You can think on and research one particular topic with more rigour than is possible if you have to publish every day.

A way to visualise this is as follows. 

Daily Blog:
Monday: >
Tuesday: >
Wednesday: >
Thursday: >
Friday: >
Saturday: >
Sunday: > 

Weekly Blog:
Saturday: >>>>>>>

A daily blog results in lots of small takes on a variety of topics A weekly/monthly blog results in a collection of longform posts on a smaller subset of ideas.

I have no regrets about the model of publishing I’ve chosen for Phronetic, but I have been seeking a way to get around this tradeoff, a way to go deeper but still maintain my frequency of output. And I think I’ve found it, to a certain degree: series.

From now on, I’ll be doing series of posts on topics, ideas, questions, scenarios etc. that I find interesting or challenging. The first series—which begins tomorrow—is concerned with ego death. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.